Sunday, September 28, 2008

My li'l doll!

Happy Girl!

Night out at the park!

Brooklyn, Dade and Presley had a blast at Max's Birthday party on Friday night! They got to swing, climb the rock wall and play in the water...thanks for a fun night Max!

Brooklyn atop the rock wall...
Playin on the toys...
and getting soaked!

Dade says "Peek-a-boo"
Smilin' big ...

and soaking his sister's!

Presley swingin' high...
and getting soaked by big brother!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"My little Climber"

So I turn around for literally 2 minutes to check my email and when I turn back this is what I find. Presley standing on the table and playing with two pens on the counter...I was seriously only about 5 feet away but she was so quiet and she was also so proud of herself. all 4 chairs stay on top of the table.

My baby sis is getting married!!!

Dionne Michelle and
her future hubby Andrew Crozier!
Wedding Date: Oct. 18, 2008