Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wow! Green, Green & more Green!

This is the mellow + yellow swap I participated in...

These are the wonderful Green Gifts I received from Kelly!

I feel totally spoiled...the swap said a minimum of 3 items and she sent me many, many!

A Green striped handbag, A Green muppet shirt, A bottle of Green footscrub, A Green handmade journal by Marta, A Green {notes} book, Some cute notecards with Green envelopes, Green gloves, Green gum, Green lipsmackers, A set of Green polka dot plates, Green packaged Choxie, and Adorable Mood Magnets...Thank You Kelly!

The Responsible Woman~

This is art from one of my fav artists James Christensen titled "The Responsible Woman"...I feel I can relate to her on some level, at least the responsibilities part although she seems to handle it in a much more graceful manner.

I have had tons of things to post about lately but finding the time seemed impossible so here goes:

*My youngest brother Kirk left for his mission on the was very very emotional...I knew it would be but was still surprised and even saw my sis Dionne (who is 17) cry for the first time in my life, long story behind that. Kirk was emotional but so excited and my little Brooklyn didn't want to let him go. He entered the MTC on the 18th and is doing fabulous according to Phillip Case!

*Last Saturday woke at 7am, took the kids hiking camelback til 9:30am, went to a work picnic from 10:30am to 2pm (won $50 to Chuck E Cheese's), attended a baptism at 3:30pm, took the kids to Chuck E Cheese's at 5:30pm...came home and fell over from sunburn and exhaustion.

*This week so far I have compiled and mailed my Mellow +Yellow package (from a swap I joined here) to Kelly in Tustin California. Attended the Barbeque-Softball FHE on Monday night leaving in time to catch the season premier to Heros. I have managed to walk Brooklyn to school each morning, keep up on dishes and laundry, water the newly growing lawn, babysit, sew up a mock prom dress, attend the temple, go to Hawaiin Ice with my fam, chat with my mom and sister's, begin the real prom dress (Baby Pink) which needs completion by prom on Saturday, and now I am to Wednesday!

*As for activities the rest of the week...

Today-Wednesday-is my catch up day~Pick up the house, bathrooms, reading, blogging, flip through the book I have on time management-wonder where I am lacking, attend YW recognition tonight.

Thursday~Continue & finish sewing Dionne's prom dress, prepare for housesitting and babysitting at the Jorgensen's, and teach an enrichment class.

Isn't life greatI hope this doesn't sound like I am complaining just trying to work in a way to juggle everything gracefully, and have time for new adventures!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hiking Camelback!

What do you do on a Saturday morning in Phoenix with absolutely perfect weather? As for us-Michael and I we decided to take Brooklyn and Dade hiking Camelback Mountain...of course not to the top...for one they are only 4 and 6 and two I am a lil pregnant! We hiked up a distance and hiked around for about an hour, they had so much fun and so did we. Brooklyn collected rocks and Dade kept watch for any creatures that he was sure stayed hidden in the deep dark caves.

Extra Extra! There was some excitement prior to this hike that we only witnessed part involved two women fighting over a parking space, a foot being ran over, an angry husband, and the police and fire department showing up! Such drama on a morning hike, over parking...who knew?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Latest Creation!

Apron for my 4 year old Niece~This was created by request of my sis for a Birthday gift... I was so happy with the results!
I paired it with this adorable set of real baking tools from Easy Bake... My niece loved it!
Mini rolling pin, spatulas, wire wisk, wooden spoon, measuring spoons, cookie cutters, all mini's... perfect!
All the utensils come compacted in this mini-pink- zip-up baking glove cute!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My one of a kind Tie Purses

For those of you not familiar with my purses
here are a few details:

The front of the purse
consists of nothing but men's neckties
coordinated in random patterns and colors .
The back is generally
a matching or
completely contrasting fabric of choice

The liner and bottom are denim
(most likely a pair of old broken-in jeans)
The straps are either denim
with a tie sewn on top
or a waistband from the jeans

Most but not all are adorned with
a beautiful broach or flower
To give you an idea of sizing
the mirror the purses are snapped by
is 26"x26"

Not for another 15 years...

This was a once in a lifetime picture! My parents are divorced and my siblings are rarely together all at the same time. This pic almost didn't happen but somehow it came together perfectly and although a few of my brothers were complaining we made it happen. Yay! So from left to right we have: My mother (Julia), Justin, Adam, Sam, Roman, Kirk (Soon to be Elder Fairbanks), Me (and my future Baby Girl!!...the belly), Tiffany, Dionne, Niki, and My Father (Darrell).

The last family pic we had with all of us together was 15 years ago when Dionne was 2 yrs. old and my brother Adam was leaving on his mission to Chile. There has never been a time since then that we were all together at the same time and that my parents would have been willing to jump into the same pic with each other.

So who knows...maybe we won't have to wait another 15 yrs.