Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My one of a kind Tie Purses

For those of you not familiar with my purses
here are a few details:

The front of the purse
consists of nothing but men's neckties
coordinated in random patterns and colors .
The back is generally
a matching or
completely contrasting fabric of choice

The liner and bottom are denim
(most likely a pair of old broken-in jeans)
The straps are either denim
with a tie sewn on top
or a waistband from the jeans

Most but not all are adorned with
a beautiful broach or flower
To give you an idea of sizing
the mirror the purses are snapped by
is 26"x26"


Funky Finds said...

these are fabulous! you are a funky find!

Laura said...

I know I'm totally blog surfing...but I saw your blog thru my friend Liz's blog. Love, Love, Love your purses and I had to tell you! Girl you Rock! These are amazing. Do you sell them?