Saturday, December 27, 2008

French Envy!

So...I was searching for unique holiday post cards and came across this blog...Tongue in Cheek...Love it!

Go read...if you love french anything, decorating, being femine in any way you will love it as much as I do! It is the love story of an American woman who met and fell in love with a French you love it yet? She moved to France and has been there now 20 yrs. give or take... Her blog is a collection of French antiques, stories and daily happenings while living in France.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Family News:
My lil niece Madisan turned 2 on Dec. 4th

Michael and I had an anniversay... together for 12 years!
(Halloween 1998)

My older sis Niki just had her 3rd baby girl on Dec. 16th

I am now 31 yrs. old...yay! No really I am happy!

My lil sis Tiffany and her husband Jacob
are expecting their first baby on July 10th!

Happy Holidays to all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My latest (soon to be) subscription!

So Michael ran to the store the other day to buy something random and less important than what he ended up bringing me home. He discovered my newest favorite magazine! Many of my close friends may not even know that magazines for one reason or another are one of my only weeknesses...I subscribe to at least 7. Which may not seem like a lot to someone who shares my love for them...but for someone who doesn't even subscribe to one, it may seem extreme.

Anyways I fell in love with it! It has inspired me, given me the desire to begin sewing again, the desire to repair old furniture, build a table, open a small hang out cafe and even make these adorable lamps on the cover! I now want a new paper cutter, I again want to live in a loft with Michael (A dream of ours in college!), I want to visit every website suggested within it's pages and in their Holiday Gallery of Handmade items, I even want to attempt to enter their "Macgyver" contest (This months challenge is recycling fun!)

Reasons (or justifications) why I can subscribe:

My birthday is tomorrow...
Michael said I can..
Inspiration is a wonderful and marvelous thing..
I have not yet renewed any of my old subscriptions..
It teaches me how to recycle..
I could create wonderful gifts..
I would share it with others..

Do I need more reasons than that?

My Holiday Wishlist!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time to Relax!

I have been planning an Enrichment night dinner for the last 1 1/2 months. I can honestly tell you that my mind has been very preoccupied lately...Michael would totally back me up here. In fact in church on Sunday they were announcing this weeks birthdays and when they said my name I surprisingly said "Wait, what?". A lady sitting behind me asked if I had forgotten, to which I replied "I knew my birthday was coming up soon, I just didn't realize it was this week"...which was followed by a room full of laughter. I am still adjusting to this calling, which I am beginning to love!

Well...last night was the party and it went really well...Phew! Here are a few pics...maybe not blog worthy but the only pics I have.

I am beginning to feel I can actually pull things together and coordinate a party. We planned for 80 women, and I believe we had around 70. I felt it was a very successful evening! The progam was amazing...thank you Elly and Ryan Franklin for understanding my vision and creating a way to visually display it! They created "The Life of Christ" through video and slideshow accompanied by beautiful music. We had two live performances which my friend Jessie Lott had organized and they were amazing. In fact I would give a rundown of our program but it would do it no justice.

Anyways, for now I can relax...until I start planning the one in March. Which I am already pulling ideas together for! Yay!!! And let me just add that one of my newest favorite inventions of all time is electric candles...which we had nearly 50 throughout the room...amazing!