Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy things today!

*Waking up late...ZZZ...Michael let me sleep in this morning because he said "I looked too cute and too tired to wake"...How sweeet! I love you too babe!
*Brooklyn's wonderful mood this morning-getting dressed without whining-letting me fix her hair without complaint (this is huge, trust me) each morning the hair thing is a battle!

*Walking!! I enjoy walking, I have the priviledge of walking Brooklyn to school each morning, during pregnancy exercise is hard for me so this is wonderful and Dade loves it too!

*My sisters (Love them all) Dionne and I were on weary terms for a few days but made up yesterday with nothing more than a hug and an I miss you! Tiffany lives with me so we have happy chats all the time (love that) and I have chatted with Niki more than usual this past week including this morning, she is coming to visit on the 30th (yay!) she is going to love the weather here in Phoenix opposed to Provo, UT. (Can't Wait)

*Speaking of the Weather~Gorgeous outside this morning!

*Fruit~Juicy, Sweet, Mouthwatering... Being pregnant I always crave fruit, lucky for me it's not chocolate... although I eat a plenty of that too!


Jami said...

I love your pics. Your day has started out so well... I hope it only gets better:)

Jami said...

I like the pics on your post. You're inspiring me to post today. Have a great day... it sure started out that way:)

Emily said...

You and your sisters are all so cute!

Tracy said...

Love your Blog it is cute.

Christen said...
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Christen said...

Thanks Tracy! I agree with Emily you need to start a blog...and after this baby I will officially join the WW click too!