Saturday, November 24, 2007


..Our newest family Pic..
So obviously I haven't posted forever and ever so...
here is our latest family pic with our newest addition
(Presley-2 1/2 months in this pic),
along with my Little Angel Brooklyn
and my Little Flash Dade.


*JULIA* said...

Christen, finally you post something new! Your baby is so adorable and Brooklyn looks so old. Hunter was just telling me how he remembers that Brookln doesn't like the skin on apples, just the insde. Funny that he would remember that about her. Update more than twice a year please!!

Andelin said...

So fun! You got a picture of Brooklyn on here! It's great to see! Keep it up!

Andrew said...

Hey Christen your blog promise to make a really great blog is starting to sound like a lie. How are you guys doing?

*JULIA* said...

Okay Christen it really is time to update. PLEEEEEEASE put some pics on of your adorable baby. She is such a cute baby and since I hardly ever see you then I need to see her over the computer. Just leave Dade at preschool extra long one day and post something. I probably will see you next month at the shower but seriously do it before then.