Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happiest Baby in the World!!!

I truly believe I have the happiest baby in the happy in fact my younger sister Tiffany & her new hubby Jacob have volunteered to adopt her, and there was a unanimous vote at her (Tiffany's) bachelorette party that if all babies were as happy as my Presley all of Tiffany's friends would currently be pregnant! So I brainstormed...

A Few Reasons Presley Smiles (Happy):

Her big sister
Her big brother
Chocolate...need I say more!
Her mommy and daddy love her
Her grandparent's
Her 12 uncles
Her 6 aunts
Saying her name
Calling her Pretty
Hearing her own voice, bababa, ga, dada, mama!
Other Children
Our puppy...Cookie!
The fact that she can touch her feet
Bouncy Horses
Biting, ya I know...ow!
xoxo-Hugs & Kisses-xoxo
Cuddling Blankets
Her Bottle
Self control
Rolling Balls

All the love from other's...she is so blessed!


Jacob and Tiffany said...

Such a cute post and we are still up for adopting her is she is too much to handle for you guys!! :)

Emily said...

Christen, she's such a doll. This is how I remember Brooklyn! I'm sad that I don't get to see Presley get bigger every week.

Devin & Kaydee said...

Christen, She is adorable...all your kids are so dang cute!!!!

White Family said...

She is absolutely darling! I wish I could say Chase is th happiest baby in the world but he doesn't have a puppy and he still doesn't crawl yet. Which can be so frustrating for him sometimes! I can't believe how grown up Presley looks, she's such a gorgeous little lady. You guys have such cute kids, you should have a dozen more!

Cory, Jeri, Brock & Parker T. said...

Christen, she is beautiful. Enjoy her whil she is so little. I'm sure you know how fast it goes.

Jami said...

We LOVE Presley! What a sweet girl. Remember when all the YW stopped by right after you had her and the girls got to hold her! She's been so sweet from the very beginning. Cheers Presley on a wonderful first year.