Thursday, January 15, 2009

A big THANKS!!!

I realize today after being inspired by an amazing blog how many wonderful people (family, friends and complete strangers) guide and direct my life in a creative direction! Thank you Emily for telling me about Google Reader. Thank you Jami for emailing me one of your favorite blogs on your google reader and thank you Eddie Ross for being so wonderfully inspiring!

Go to here to check out this beautiful quilt...
I might just have to make one!

I believe he (E.Ross) took this pic....and many more of this quilt!


Simmonds/Wilson Clan said...

I just love you Christen! So let's get some plans finalized for when you come cuz I am way excited!!!

Emily said...

Is Google Reader not 1000 times better than checking them all by hand?! You may already know about these, but here are some blogs I read (and don't know the people):

There are so many more good ones!

Simmonds/Wilson Clan said...

As if I wasn't missing you enough already!!! Ugh! I so wish you were here to do all that, although I woulnd't let you do ALL of that :) You're so sweet and I am really grateful you're my friend. Thanks.
Love you,

Andrew said...
This website is stuff made from yard sales and other good finds. Its thrifty.