Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden Party-Enrichment Night

Emily this is for you...and thanks for asking!

So this past Tuesday, March 19th, was our latest Relief Society Enrichment Night. We chose a garden party-gardening theme.

I asked a very sweet friend of mine to host it in her beautiful backyard, complete with chickens, coop and newly built raised garden. Thank you are the best!
-The party began at 7pm.
-Our hostess talked about her 4 chickens and building their adorable coop. How she built, started and has maintained her own raised garden.

-Barbara Harrison then gave a little class on freezer jam...we each got to make our own little 4 oz. jar right there to take home, delicious!

-Then, Cerise Gomez talked to us about when to start a garden, preparing the soil, some great things to grow in Phoenix and other basic gardening tips.

-To go along with the theme we had many sisters bring yummy desserts. We had lemon bars, home-made apple sauce with apple muffins, banana bread, fresh fruit, Yummy fruit trifle and strawberry cheesecake.
Here is the dessert table along with this flower arrangement that only cost me $5.We had home-made lemonade and a delicious
that is actually made with limes!Here are just some more fun pics I wanted to share...


Emily said...

Tell me about this. What did you do?

Didi said...

Looks awesome and beautiful Christen! the ward is so blessed to have you as a leader in Enrichment! Wish I could benefit!

T-licious D-zire and C-hillins said...

Totally cute....totally you! :) Where was my invite?
Brooklyn is 8 already? It makes me want to cry how long it's been and how fast time flies. Kirk looks so grown up! We'll have to try and get together when I come to Phoenix this summer.

Leslie said...

It was a very fun night even though Tracy complained about the heat every five minutes. Totally motivated me to start some sort of project and/or garden!

Jord said...

What a great party! You always put things together so well and I am sad to have missed out on learning how to garden. I'll have to ask Hayley for a personal tutorial.

Dionne Crozier said...

I love the Garden Party Pictures! Mom was telling me that it turned out fabulous!! YOu are the cutest party planner ever! You always have the best ideas!